Western Australia

Supporting Rotary exchange in Perth, Western Australia

Our Team of Past Rotary Exchange Students

With our shared Rotary Exchange experience, Rotex members provide support and guidance to current students and host Rotary Clubs alike.

About us

We focus on supporting current students, and promoting the Rotary Exchange program.

Moving across the world, immersing yourself in a new culture, and learning a new language is incredible, challenging, and daunting – especially at the age of 16 or 17.

Having undertaken this ourselves, Rotex is here to support the current students and to spread the word of this great program to prospective future students!

In addition, Rotex partners with Rotary clubs to help with their projects, fundraisers and volunteers, and provides assistance to the community.

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Our Support

Supporting over 30 Exchange Students in Western Australia

Working to ensure that both incoming and outgoing exchange students have the best possible exchange year, we support Rotary Youth Exchange at all levels; Club, District, & Australia wide, and at all stages of the students’ exchange journey.

Lending our expertise to those students undertaking their exchange year or re-acclimating to their home countries and navigating the challenges they will face.

Working with Rotary Youth Exchange to assess prospective students and their ability to succeed during their exchange year.

Hosting social events with both inbound and rebound students, providing a means through which students can build their social circles here in Perth.

Lending a supportive ear to those current students encountering difficulties during their exchange year, and working with them to overcome the challenges they face.

Promoting the Rotary Youth Exchange program to up-and-coming high school students and encouraging future applications.

What Our Members Say

Rotex provides a connection to our exchange year by allowing us to connect with other past exchange students and discuss our experience. We also are able to promote the program to students so they are aware of this opportunity.


Rotex represents a community of people connected through our exchange year and an environment where we can share and discuss our year abroad together.

Rhianna Fig

Rotex President

Rotex represents a community where we can share and discuss our year abroad together.
Rhianna Fig
Rotex makes it possible for me to stay connected to Rotary even after my exchange year.
Shu-Wei Kho
Rotex enables me to learn a different skill set that I would not have been able to outside of the club.
Lauren Wolters
Rotex to me means friends, family, connections for life along with the opportunity to give back to the community.
Meleva Thorn

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